Welcome. This website is to provide you with information on the types of therapies that I offer and to familiarize you with my approach towards these modalities. It is my hope that you will find some of the information useful in helping you to understand what these therapies are and whether they are right for you at the present time. Please feel free to contact me directly for further enquiry or if you are left with questions.

Awareness Heals

It is my belief that the true agent of healing is awareness itself. Awareness not on a cognitive or intellectual level, but a felt experience of awareness that is whole, coherent and non-dualistic. This awareness can be experienced as a kind of inner knowing, deep and direct, and is sometimes referred to as an embodied awareness or awareness at the level of the mind-body. The journey of healing itself is the journey to deepening one’s awareness.

Cultivating awareness on the level of the mind-body begins with the cultivation of mindfulness and presence. In recent years, the importance and benefits of being mindful and present has been taught and written about by many teachers around the world. But how do we actually go about cultivating mindfulness and an embodied presence in our everyday lives? My own path has been deeply inspired and supported by many teachers, therapists, fellow students, colleagues and friends.

In modern society, we have learnt to separate or categorize our experiences into the realms of the physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual. However, these categories on their own are unable to describe or express our human experience. As life itself reminds us, these aspects are all interconnected and interrelated. Our health is expressed on all these levels. And yet, we are continually immersed in an environment that is dualistic, reductionistic and which relies heavily on analytical reasoning as a validator of experience. Further, our own conditioned minds can restrict us to a fragmented and disconnected understanding of ourselves. How can we arrive at a more holistic, all-embracing and integrated sense of our experience? How can we integrate body, mind and spirit?

Working with a therapist on a one-to-one basis in an appropriate modality can provide the space and the holding for enquiry into these questions. As we are all unique individuals, our path towards the cultivation of presence and awareness will also be unique. Different things impact us differently during different times of our lives. We may hear or see the same things, but we retain different aspects of the experience. We each have a door into understanding that is different, and this door can change over time. The therapies that I offer are an attempt at offering different doors to different clients, even as all the doors lead to the same place of deepening awareness.