Case in Point

These two clients received ten structural Rolfing® sessions and three Rolf Movement® sessions. The result of our work together is shown in the AFTER photos.

The postures in the BEFORE photos were where the clients felt familiar and comfortable before we started working together. This was where they said they felt most ease in their body. The client shown on the left came for Rolfing in the hope that it might improve his posture and alleviate the occasional backache and stiff shoulders from work, while the client shown below experienced lower back pain.

Since structural Rolfing® work stretches and lengthens fascia and changes the overall relationship of the various parts of the body, a client’s body can assume an improved posture after receiving Rolfing® sessions. However, for the client to be able to truly embody and own a posture, he or she must feel that the new option is where he or she feels most ease, whether physically, emotionally or psychologically. Otherwise, the client is likely to return to the old place of “ease.” A shift must take place in the client’s perception of what ease means.

 Our posture expresses not just our physical alignment in space, but is also an expression of our psychological, emotional, psychic and spiritual condition, i.e., an expression of the whole of us that is actually more than the sum of these aspects put together. It carries the meaning of our life. For example, the BEFORE photos evoke a certain felt sense in us when we allow ourselves to look and be affected by them. In the same way, the AFTER photos carry a different feel to them. We experience the person differently.

What is important for me as a Rolfer™ and therapist is not how different a client may look after a session or series. If the change is not embodied and meanings not redefined or refined, then the change will probably not last very long. I think that the highest potential of this work is reached if it can help us to deepen our awareness of who we are and how that is expressed so we can make life choices that come from a more conscious and free place in ourselves.